Account Validation at Red Dog Casino site

Validating your account is the foundation on which we strive to offer you as reliable services as possible at Red Dog Casino. In order to ensure that underage gambling is prevented, every player has to complete the Red Dog Casino account validation in two steps – completing two online forms related to credit card validation, and banking validation.

We will present all the useful details regarding the Red Dog Casino verification further below.

Cell phone with validation process at Red Dog

Credit Card Validation

You need to fill in an online form on our official online site in order to successfully validate your card. This form should later be downloaded as a PDF and sent to [email protected] These are the personal information you need to insert in the online form:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Username;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Email;
  • Country;
  • Phone;
  • Zip Code;
  • State;
  • City;
  • Address. 

Visualization of forms on the computer for validation at RedDog Casino

After filling in the form, you are required to take a photo of the card you used to deposit with and attach the photographs in your email, having the CVV code previously covered. 

The last step is entering the card details which involves:

  • Choosing the type of the card;
  • Inserting the credit card number;
  • Typing in the expiration date.

To finalise the card validation, go through the conditions list on our site once again and check if you meet and accept all of them. Lastly, remember to download the PDF and send it to the corresponding email.

Credit card in purse and Red Dog logo

Banking Validation

Next up is banking validation, which is the second step of the whole Red Dog Casino verification process. Same as with the card, every player should fill in the online form and then download it and send it to the same email.

The banking validation process requires inserting exactly the same personal and address-related information as the previous step mentioned above, only being different in the last segment. 

In the last part, you can choose between Bank Transfer and Bitcoin as your preferred payment methods at Red Dog Casino. If you choose Bank Transfer, you’d need to insert:

  • Bank Name;
  • Bank Address;
  • Holder’s Name;
  • Bank Account;
  • SWIFT/BIC Code (if available);
  • IBAN.

If you select Bitcoin, you’d only need to enter the BitCoin wallet address in the corresponding field. 

Remember to insert only valid and accurate data that fully correlates to your banking account, and then download the form as a PDF and send it to the mentioned email.

Arch with open banking next to the RedDog Casino logo


What documents do I need to have?

To successfully go through the Red Dog Casino account validation, you need to provide several documents. The first one is proof of identity, photos of both sides of the credit card, hiding the CVV number, proof of address, and completed online forms for the Credit Card and Banking validations.

How long will it take?

Depending on the number of documents our casino representatives have received, the verification and final approval of your submitted documents can take from 2 to 3 workdays. If any delays occur, we’ll notify you via email on time.

Why can’t I get verified?

There are several reasons that can lead to unsuccessful verification. You may have inserted an expired or invalid document in the process, or we may have found some inconsistency with the personal details you have provided. However, it may just be a typo or any other technical reason.