Red Dog Casino Loyalty Program

We really appreciate our regular players at our casino, so we created a bountiful Red Dog Casino loyalty program so that each of the players can take part in it and receive additional prizes from us.

This program at Red Dog Casino involves reaching several levels all the way, each of them achieved by completing missions and playing mini-games. As they climb the ladder, Aussie players can enjoy additional bonuses and also be able to buy goods in our packed Store.

Loyalty program card on the Red Dog website

The functionality of the Loyalty Program at Red Dog Casino

The ‘Missions’ button in our lobby takes you to the Red Dog Casino VIP club. There, several buttons enable easy navigation through all the subgroups the program involves, which are the following.

Red Dog website menu and their mascot


This section gives out general information about your status in the loyalty program. You can view the collected Red Dog Casino comp points, the latest missions, and the ones you can try to complete, as well as the mini-games available at your level. There is also a shortcut to the store and the most attractive free spins prizes.

Open Missions tab at Red Dog Casino


This self-explanatory section introduces players to all the levels they can achieve in the Redd Dog Casino loyalty program. By collecting comp points, you can become

  1. New Friend – you start here.
  2. Bilbo Waggings – 100 points required.
  3. Fast & Furious – 500 points required.
  4. Doctor Barkenstein – 1000 points required.
  5. Canine West – 2000 points required.
  6. Beowoof – 3500 points required.

Icons of loyalty program levels at RedDog


Here we placed various, entertaining missions for all Australians to complete, each of them bringing a different prize + a set number of comp points. The missions are additionally organised into those that are available at your level, the locked ones, and the completed ones. To get familiar with the rules and the prize you’ll get after completion, click on ‘View Details.’

The missions tab on the Red Dog website


The Leaderboard presents three information panels related to the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Leaders participants in the VIP club of Reddog Casino. You can also view where you are placed on the leaderboard, and then get the details on other players such as their number of comp points, and their status. There are additional prizes for the daily leaders who end up 1st, 2nd, and 3rd on the board.

Table of loyalty program leaders at Red Dog Casino


Whenever you click on the ‘Mini Games’ tab, a new game will appear – such as the Wheel of Fortune. This is yet another opportunity to gain some comp points, but certain rules are attached to all the mini-games, too. For instance, the Wheel of Fortune requires that you spend 30 points to spin it. 

Wheel of Fortune with Prizes at RedDog Casino


Our Store is full of diverse online bonuses that any player can purchase for a modest price of several comp points. The available bonuses are categorised into three groups:

  • Deposit Bonuses;
  • Free Chips;
  • Free spins.

Each of them notifies you about the specific bonus you’ll get, as well as how much it costs. You can also sort them yourself by price or name. 

The Store tab on the Red Dog website is open


The ‘Bonuses’ tab will showcase all the bonuses you were awarded during a mission or a mini-game, and also the ones you have purchased from the store. Here, you can view your Pending and Redeemed bonuses, separated into two groups. 

Gift box and RedDog logo

Rules of the Loyalty program

  • Mind that comp points and points aren’t the same and shouldn’t be intertwined. Comp points are only related to the loyalty program, while points can be given to both newcomers and existing players and can be switched with real money.
  • You are in competition with other players for one of the first three players on the leaderboard. If two players have the same number of points, they will both be awarded.
  • Levels shouldn’t be misunderstood with VIP status. When reaching a new level, the same VIP benefits still remain, but you can now complete new missions, buy more lucrative bonuses at the store, etc. 
  • All the bonuses or points that you potentially win when spinning the Wheel of Fortune will be automatically added to your balance or points section as you play. 
  • Whenever you purchase a bonus from the Store, it will be directly transferred to the ‘Pending bonuses’ in the ‘Bonuses’ section.
  • All the bonuses that you buy from the store or receive are related to the General Bonus terms of Red Dog Casino. 
  • You cannot cancel a bought bonus from the Store. 

Red Dog Casino logo and rules stack icon

How to take a part in the program

To participate in the loyalty program at Red Dog Casino, you need to go through the following steps.

  1. Visit the official site.
  2. Sign in or register an account.
  3. Go to the lobby and click on the ‘Missions’ button.
  4. Study the sections, complete missions, and start collecting points. 

Status crown and RedDog Casino logo