Terms and Conditions Red Dog Casino

As with any other place in our casino you have responsibilities and duties that you must comply with in order to have a good interaction and a vibrant experience at our Red Dog Casino. To begin working with us, you must be of legal age and familiarize yourself with all the rules of the company, which are constantly being expanded and improved to provide better service. We have prepared a list of basic rules for you:

Tablet with Terms and Conditions at Red Dog

  • Consent to collect your personal data and be informed of the rules. All players regardless of sex or age are required to consent to the collection of their personal data for verification and to get acquainted themselves with the rules as stated in this policy. Only then you can be considered a qualified player and be protected against all forms of fraud;
  • Changing the terms and conditions. Red Dog Casino reserves the right to unilaterally change these terms and conditions. All customers will be informed in advance by email. The e-mail will specify the clauses subject to change. Advance postings will allow you to make your decision in a timely manner;
  • Responsibility to study the rules. All players are required to read our terms and conditions at the time of registration. We provide simple and straightforward rules, which are easy for you to read and digest. We would also like to draw your attention to the fact that it is each player’s individual responsibility to ensure you are aware of any changes to the rules when playing our system. So, be sure to check back regularly by email for the latest happenings at Red Dog Casino;
  • Data Security. To protect your personal information, Red Dog Casino is constantly improving security measures to protect your personal information. For example, we have a dedicated server with 256-bit encryption to protect your data. This encryption is used by major financial services giants such as banks and stock exchanges. So you can be confident that we can handle your security needs 100%;
  • Data Recording Consent. You won’t be able to register with us if you don’t give us your consent to use your data. For security reasons, the company will record all the information you have specified and collected. Moreover, all the calls and inquiries to our support service will be recorded and stored on the server for a certain period, but no longer than the prescribed period. After the deadline all information will be deleted and disappear from the company’s server;
  • Third parties. We provide the highest level of protection for you, but we cannot ensure this protection if you disclose your personal information to any third parties. Red Dog Casino is not liable for any of your errors if you share your personal information with any third party. Remember, we will never ask you for your username and password. You should also be aware that only the company’s representatives have access to your personal information. You should never share your account details even with close family members, and certainly not with friends in the workplace. If you comply with these conditions, you are guaranteed proper data protection;
  • Restrictions on account creation. A small but important point you must fulfill in order to be able to cooperate. You shall be an adult citizen, and only this fact will enable you to start the registration. Don’t try to fool customer support by adding a few months or years, since all information can be easily found out at the moment of verification and you can be permanently banned from our Red Dog Casino website;
  • Country Restrictions. For various reasons, we reserve the right to restrict access to certain countries, and restrictions may be in force for a longer or shorter period. Please contact your support manager for more information, or you may not be able to access them when you register. Currently, there are restrictions in place for the following countries: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Costa Rica, Curacao, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, India, Iraq, Iran, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. This list is subject to change by adding or deleting countries; 
  • Using VPN. We would like to warn all the smart people who think they can fool and trick us by installing a VPN or other malicious software to change the location information. If you are lucky enough to register and make a deposit we have the full right to block your account, and then you will lose your money until the exclusion of your region from the ban;
  • Account Access. Red Dog Casino account registration is only available to individuals. Accounts may not be registered for commercial or professional use. Accounts found to be in violation will be blocked with no refund; 
  • Fair Play Rules. At Red Dog Casino we are committed to fair play. To make our winnings as random as possible without any pattern whatsoever, we use a Random Number Generation (RNG) algorithm that makes gamblers feel like a real casino;
  • The goals of Red Dog Casino. Every customer should understand that our platform operates strictly for entertainment purposes and we are not responsible for the money you lose;
  • Deposit. Red Dog Casino does not offer any interest on your deposit, since our platform is not an investment entity. All winnings are completely random and impossible to predict. We strongly recommend that you enjoy our service without the use of borrowed or loaned funds. Our only goal is to provide you with a solid entertainment;
  • Red Dog Casino Liability. You can always contact our support team where highly trained professionals will review your request and provide a full response within 14 days. In case of failure or problems on the server, the company will use the latest record of your balance on the company’s server;
  • Account creation. Each customer is allowed to create only one account on our site Red Dog Casino. Any attempts to create a duplicate account for the purpose of obtaining a bonus or any kind of fraud will be promptly prevented by the user verification service. We reserve the right to delete duplicate accounts;
  • Promotional Promotions. If you are fortunate enough to win a major prize or the company jackpot, we may unilaterally use your name and winnings for promotional and marketing purposes; 
  • Attempted Fraud. We are not responsible for attempts by unscrupulous users to use programs to calculate and increase the odds of winning. All accounts found to be in violation of this rule will be blocked for investigation; 
  • Taxation. Each customer is personally responsible to pay taxes in their country and region according to the law. Our company Red Dog Casino provides you with your winnings in full, and once transferred to your accounts, you must pay the necessary taxes and costs; 
  • Sending out advertisements. All users will be notified about our promotions via newsletters sent by phone or email. In these messages, you will be informed about changes in the privacy policy or the game rules. In any case, we will only send out the information which is relevant and interesting to you. If you think it is of no use to you, you can easily switch it off in the newsletter settings;
  • Third-party advertising. We are not responsible for third-party advertising companies. Be vigilant and check the site you are about to visit. 

Deposits and Payouts

We would like to tell you about the main points for deposits and withdrawals.

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  • Choice of currencies. For all users within our Red Dog Casino, we offer a choice of three base currencies in our system: USD; EURO; AUD. All transactions and bets will be denominated in the currency you have selected. Withdrawals will also be made according to the currency you have chosen;
  • Money protection. All deposit and withdrawal transactions made on our Red Dog Casino platform are completely legal and protected using 128-bit SSL encryption. Such encryption ensures instant transactions and the security of your transactions;
  • Hidden Fees. Red Dog Casino does not charge any hidden fees on your winnings, and you will see the full net amount in your account. But you should be aware that your country or bank may charge additional taxes for international transfers or for transfers to specific debit cards. Check with your bank for more information;
  • Blocking Suspicious Accounts. We reserve the right to block suspicious accounts if our security team has found any suspicious activity. Winnings from such accounts will be voided and the accounts will be blocked until further investigation.


Useful information on how to top up your account.

Terminal for replenishing funds at Red Dog

  • Top up methods. All customers are offered a wide variety of methods to fund their accounts. They include Visa/MasterCard, Neosurf, and various cryptocurrencies. All transactions are almost instantaneous and will not take more than 15 minutes to complete. We don’t charge any commission for deposits, you can only pay your bank for the transaction;
  • Transaction Details. All deposit transactions are irreversible once executed. If you have mistakenly created your account and made a deposit, you may, as an exception, be able to discuss your issue with Red Dog Casino management. We accept no responsibility for accounts created by mistake and transactions made within them; 
  • Notification and Information. All your deposit transactions will be replicated in an email to the address you provide, and we recommend that you save or flag these emails in order to track your financial information;
  • First Deposit. It is only when you make your first deposit that we will carry out additional verification and validation of your transaction. This is necessary to add your accounts to the trust register. There will be no such procedure before this;
  • Responsible gambling limits. If you know that you are not always in control of your gambling limits, we offer our clients the opportunity to restrict the funding of their accounts free of charge. You can put a limit on the amount you can top up your account yourself or through the call center.


All users are offered a wide range of withdrawal options and you can check the withdrawal limits and times in the relevant section. We will provide you with a basic list of terms and conditions.

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  • Information provided. You must provide true information to correctly withdraw your funds otherwise you risk losing your capital. You will be contacted by our account manager before processing your first withdrawal;
  • Identity Confirmation. According to our policy at Red Dog Casino, in order to ensure the safety of your funds, we will always ask our customers to confirm their identity when making a withdrawal. This is an obligatory procedure to ensure that your transaction is safe;
  • Confirm Address. You will also need to verify your residential address, either through payments or a variety of accounts. This is all about anxiety and wanting to create a secure transaction;
  • Adding a card. When adding a card you need to go through all the required checks on your account. However, to make things easier, if you suddenly want to change your card you only need to send your card details and a covering letter with your statement about changing the details;
  • Red Dog Casino Notification. It is your responsibility to notify us if you have closed your bank account or want to change your withdrawal details. Your application will be completed within 2-3 business days. If you forget to notify us when you close your account, you may lose your funds;
  • Blocking cheaters. We reserve the right to block the account and void all winnings for suspicious manipulations and actions with the account numbers;
  • Withdrawal confirmation. Once you have submitted all the required information, which you were asked to provide, our staff will check it thoroughly. If you are a law-abiding and decent player, you should not be afraid at all. The procedure takes a few minutes of your time and is transferred according to the data provided;
  • Payout. All payouts can only be withdrawn from the account you deposited; 
  • Waiting for payout. Clients may have only one withdrawal pending at a time. If you do not break the rules prescribed by our company, you will be able to withdraw your money quickly and enjoy the winnings.

Live Dealer Games

Specifically for our customers, our Red Dog Casino has licensed gaming provider Visionary iGaming in its portfolio. This is one of the brightest and most popular providers in the online casino industry. We’ve worked out all of the communication channels between our casino and Visionary iGaming, and you can rest assured that the games will be as safe and fun to play as possible.

The logo of RedDog and Visionary iGaming

Fair Gaming

At Red Dog Casino, we stand for fair play, and we vet all of our users thoroughly before allowing them access to our site. We strive to improve the quantity and quality of our service checks so that each player feels at ease and has no reason to believe they are being cheated. We try to use the top innovative solutions for online casinos, one of which is Random Number Generation (RNG), a program that allows us to provide completely unpredictable information about the winner. 

By using such RNG, we are confident to claim that the winner detection system is completely independent and autonomous. We also try to test and check our program for failures and errors with TST (Technical Systems Testing) software. With the help of this software, we confirm the above-mentioned words and we are able to provide a quality service. Our casino software is RealTime Gaming (RTG), which has been tested repeatedly for fair play and has never failed. By placing your trust in our Red Dog Casino, you are taking the right step to be one of the fortunate ones to be fortunate enough to win.

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Customer Levels

Within our friendly family, we demand good behavior from all our clients, and therefore we have introduced a client rating. It affects a number of factors, such as speed of response from support, approval of withdrawal/reload transactions, individual bonus programs, and so on. The better you follow the rules of the service, the more generously we reward you. Here are some of the strongest features that may affect your rating as a customer:

  • Your preferred deposit/withdrawal system;
  • Your choice of currency;
  • Frequency of your gaming sessions;
  • The length of the game sessions;
  • Politeness towards managers
  • Membership.

Phone with an open profile rating at Red Dog

Membership Termination

We have the right to block or restrict access to your account if you violate the rules. All winnings will be forfeited, no withdrawals will be available and you will not be able to use any bonuses. To avoid becoming a poor-rated customer or losing access, you should consult the following list:

  • Invalid personal information, which makes it difficult to verify;
  • Account information is different from debit cards, hence you should provide your card when you sign up to avoid suspicion of fraud;
  • You should only have one account;
  • You use applications without a VPN;
  • You are not located in a prohibited region;
  • You are using the account for personal purposes only, and not for any commercial or professional activities;
  • You are not using malware or bots to increase your chances of winning;
  • The client demands special treatment and threatens to close the account;
  • Abusive bonus behavior;
  • Abusive behavior towards employees.

If you don’t break these rules and are a conscientious customer, you will enjoy the top gambling entertainment in Australia provided by the Red Dog Casino.

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Contact Us

There are several ways for all users to contact us. Since each customer may have different questions and is comfortable with different types of communication, we have several ways of dealing with your questions. Everything is simple and straightforward when you use one of them:

  • Contact via email [email protected]. The most reliable way of communication since all your correspondence will be stored both in your mailbox and on our server. Perfect for clients who have complex issues that require a full and detailed description of the situation with an accompanying picture or video.
  • Contact by phone call. You may use one of our two numbers – +1 850 4003 758 and +61 1800 957 289. The calls are absolutely free and are suitable for urgent matters. Our call center staff is extensively trained and they are able to provide you with immediate and efficient support. If you have made a mistake and you want to cancel your bet, they will give you advice and explain to you step by step what you have to do. Do not forget to be polite to our staff.
  • Live Chat. The most popular way to resolve issues. It’s easy to find on the homepage and you can easily get a quality answer from a staff member. The main thing is to remember that you will be communicating with a live person, not a robot. Do not forget that you can’t attach files to the chat. It is useful for small questions, for people who can not get in touch by phone and are not willing to wait for an answer by mail.
  • FAQ. We have a large database of predefined answers, so you can search for your question easily and quickly.